1. Choose your Discipline: Triathlon, Duathlon, Cycling or Running.

2. Choose your Division: Solo, Team of 2, Team of 3, Team of 4+ (limit is 8 athletes on a team).
3. Choose your Time: 36 hour race, 24 hour race, 12 hour race or 8 hour race. 
4. Register:
 Click here to register

Do I have to first swim, then bike, then run?

You may complete any sport of your choosen discipline in any order you choose. 24 hour, 12 hour and 8 hour athletes may choose to start by either swimming, biking or running. You may also complete as may legs of a single sport back to back as you choose.

For example: A triathlon team may start biking, and complete 10 bike legs before moving onto the swim or run.
*IMPORTANT: All 36 hour athletes are required to strat on the bike and complete one guided bike lap to begin their race.

How is the event timed / scored?

Remeber, there are no timing chips for this event. We keep it old school and score by hand.
The ultimate goal is to finish as many complete "races" as possible and cover as much distance as you can while doing it. See below for a scoring example based on your choosen discipline. For any questions: Please email us here.

Triathlon Scoring: Team Snakebite has completed 18 swim loops, 17 bike loops and 18 run loops.
• Their final score would be 17 full triathlons, plus a swim.
* notice how the extra run is not accouted for. When scoring is calculated, we tally up the total completed "races" and then add in any extra legs in the proper order of that choosen category.
Duathlon Scoring: Team I Hate Swimming has completed 42 run loops and 20 bike loops.
• Their final score would be 20 full duathlons, plus a run. Cycling Scoring: Team Sore Booty has completed 43 bike loops.
• Their final score would be 43 bike loops (493.64 miles). Run Scoring: Team Running for Tacos has completed 54 run loops.
• Their final score would be 54 run loops (108 miles).

Please read and understand our rules / regualtions.

Download the official Washington Island Rulebook here.

It is each athletes responsibiltiy to know and understand the rules and guidelines laid out for you in this rulebook. Please take the time to read this short PDF prior to race day. During check in, you will be required to initial a statement saying you have read and understand our rulebook.

Where can I find the schedule for the Ferry?

Click here to find the ferry schedule.

Please remember, you NEED to plan on being to the docks early to purchase your ticket on and off the island. Lines to get on the ferry csan be long and you may not be able to drive straight ont othe ferry. We've waited in line for as little as 5 minutes, and as long as 1.5 hours. For directions on how driving on and off the ferry works, click here.

Drive safely.

Washington Island Medical.

Dial 911 if you see or have an emergenncy situation that needs immediate medical attention. The island is equipped with a full service clinic and staffed with doctorsd and nurses who are aware of the events happening and are prepared to offer assistance if necessary. If you feel you or someone on your team is in need of medical assistance, please notify a race official and we will get medical help to you or that athlete. During night hours, medical personnel will be on call. In the case of a life threatening injury, that athlete will be airlifted off the island and flown to Sturgeon Bay by helicopter.

CONTACTS: Race Director: Craig Braun (262) 685 8968 Police Chief: Tyle McGrane (920) 535 0019 Course Director: Bradly Ratzow (262) 206 6906


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We love this island and we're honored to have the opportunity to produce this unique event year after year. Click here to read about how we got to the island and the race history.

Many racers come a few days early or stay a few days after and experience all the Island has to offer. The great food, the incredible views, the peaceful scenes at Schoolhouse beach and the lavender fields. This place will calm you down and give you time to kick back and just RELAX. So, stay awhile, and check out our favorite places to hang by clicking below.